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Proof Of Funds Using
ERC 721 & ERC 20 Smart Contracts

Proposal Overview

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Project Scope Definition User Types & Navigation

We Identify The Opportunities That Await You While Using Our Opensource Application Frameworks...

1. Customer Accounts

  a. Private / General Contractors
  b. Materials Procurement
  c. Sourcing / Supply Directors
  d. Logistics / Supply Chain
  e. Construction Material & Labor / Commercial & Residential
  f. Food & Beverage (FSA / Cisco)
  g. Shop Owners (Kroger)
  h. Non-Profits
  i. Average Household Goods, Shopping, eCommerce, Casual Labor

2. Vendors

  a. Warehousing
  b. Manufacturers
  c. Freight / Transport
  d. Logistics / Supply Chain
  e. Farming & Agriculture
  f. Energy / Valuable Commodities


1. Customer Accounts
  a. Profile Information (Proof Of Funds)
  b. Find Goods & Services
  c. Sort By Category
  d. Orders: Active & Pending
  e. History & Reports
  f. Wallet: Rewards & Fees
  g. Reviews: Credibility Rating
  h. Settings: Siloed Account Administration

2. Vendors

  a. Profile Information (Proof Of Funds)
  b. Services (Create Recurring Invoices & Hour Estimates)
  c. Goods (Create Pricing Matrix)
  d. Inventory & Capacity (Tracks Staff Availability & Items On Hand)
  e. Orders: Active & Pending (Process Orders In & Out Of Warehouse)
  f. Wallet: Rewards & Fees (Link Bank Accounts & Load Funds Into Wallet)
  g. Reviews: Credibility Rating
  h. Settings: Siloed Account Administration  

3. Platform Admin
  a. Profile Information (Register Personal Platform Information & Review A Table Of All Users)
  b. Hot Wallet Segmentation Dashboard
  c. Cold Storage Dashboard
  d. Activity & Commodity Trade Metrics, Market Velocity Breakdowns (Can Be Used For New Insight Systems For Platform Users Later On)
  e. Platform Revenue & Payouts (Set Platform Costs)
  f. Platform Usage (User Account Traffic & Frequency Averages)
  g. Defi Systems Management (MakerDAO / Pure Ethereum)
  h. Payment Gateway Metrics (PayPal, Stripe, BrainTree, CoinBase) 
  i. Settings: Siloed Account Administration

Platform Governance & Profit Model

We Identify The Opportunities That Await You While Using Our Opensource Application Frameworks...​

Gold and silver backed ERC-20 / ERC 1155 tokens representing fractionalized ownership in physical precious metal assets that can be traded on decentralized exchange and traded for other physical commodities including cattle… soon to be corn, wheat, oil…

  • Static fees in the platform will be exchanged for a variety of different things, such as, Proof Of Funds certificates for user profiles, single transfers, scheduled transfers, as well as withdrawals from the platform may also charge a flat fee. 
  • Rewards could also be offered in the form of tokens to incentivize users to keep their service offerings current with detailed information, improving the quality of the platform user experience.
  • A small percentage fee for each transaction on the platform between verified users should cost less than convention payment processors around 1% of the total transaction amount. We still have yet to discuss what the percentage per transfer fee should be within the platform.
  • Proof of Funds is a document that allows vendors to verify that a customer has the money to pay for services or goods. The problem is people tend to fake these documents and defraud businesses of their time, energy, and resources when the funds are not verified.
  • We can solve this problem by allowing users to run invoicing & estimation software for goods and services, offering a means of verifying home much money a user is bringing to the table before the entire contract has been agreed to. 
  • As we build blockchain solutions, we can become creative with the basis for which our token is valued, we could decide to implement a precious metals / our commodity based material standard peg to ETH unique for each user under a 1155 standard.

Design, Code, Test!

An AGILE 3 Pronged Approach To App Development

It is an industry standard to plan and concept your application in advance so systems can be properly designed and architected in order to have a streamlined development phase. By establishing core features and functions early on in development, we can focus on ensuring these functions are intuitive to the user and establish a clear scope and timeline for your application project.

Design, Code, Test is the best way to customize powerful application frameworks in record time, using AGILE project management to prioritize the most valuable features for development and quickly refine and iterate the application based on real-world user feedback.


    Cross Platform Web Application Interfaces​


      Serverless Database & Secure SHA 256 Encryption


        Virtual Machines, Load Balancing & Dev-Ops


          SMS Text Alert & Email Notification Delivery


            AppScript & Admin Firestore Database Management

            PAYPAL API

              Reliable, Known & Encrypted Online Payments Gateway API

              BTC LIGHTNING

                Layer 2 Bitcoin Processing & Tokenizing


                  Manage Payments & General Content

                  Our Multifaceted Team

                  Together We Build Modern Solutions To Age Old Problems...

                  Over 10 years of Entrepreneurship, Programming Web Applications, Researching Artificial Intelligence, & Supporting Technical Business Intelligence Aspects of Digital Marketing!

                  Marco Lopes

                  CEO / React.js Fullstack

                  Over 10 years of systems engineering & data architecture, business intelligence, & geoAuth for logistics, management software.


                  Solidity Engineer

                  Recent graduate from Turing Coding Bootcamp. Specializes in React.js & Node.js. The developer behind our front-end data visualizations.

                  Alex Eickelman

                  React.js Fullstack Dev

                  Over 40 years of systems engineering from the OS to the web browser, Jonathan has done encryption for financial projects with banks & legal firms, he started programming at the age of 14.

                  Jonathan Essex

                  Encryption & Data Security

                  OSU BS Degree in Communications, with a focus on HTML, CSS, JS, & Python. A new implementation specialist on our team!

                  Olivia Randolph

                  UX / UI Web Developer

                  CSU BS in Marketing & Design, over 5 years focused on application prototyping as well as print and publication design.

                  Lauren MacDonald

                  App Prototype Designer

                  Project Investment & Timeline

                  Review Implementation Pathways & Project Overhead
                  Phase 1 - DESIGN & REACT.JS

                  The design phase of the application will start as soon as a deposit is made on the project. It will span from December 2020 - February 2021 for a total of 3 months. It will include the prototype design of the production screens, and progress into React.js front-end layout implementation. During this time revisions will be requested and each month videos demonstrating the UI will be viewable from links that we share with you upon delivery of each milestone.

                  $ 16,000 USD
                  Phase 2 - CODE FIREBASE & CLOUD FUNCTIONS

                  This second phase will consist of 2.5 months of in-depth development to provide a quality application focused on wallet to wallet transfers centralized in our internal database, using modern cutting edge open-source solutions like Node.js & Firebase NoSQL. The first month will be dedicated to populating UI data into the application we have designed from the Firestore database. Cloud structure will address security concerns by segmenting data and writing encrypted keys to user profiles to access their accounting data via verified 2FA. The second month will be dedicated to more functions to support proof of funds verification with external APIs.

                  $ 12,000 USD
                  Phase 3 - CODE API & ETHEREUM FEATURES

                  During this third phase, we develop the Network Architecture & Economy. Tokens in React.js wallet layer are allowed to send transactions to platform hot wallets. Our internal custodian accounts will be divided into shards and privacy secured by centralizing KYC data in Google Firebase. Fees for stable coin peg... setup percentage protocols for network fees that stabilize the platform. We will work on CoinBase / PayPal integrations for ACH withdrawals from the platform.

                  $ 12,000 USD
                  Phase 4 - Testing & DEBUGGING

                  We spend the entire duration of the project continuously debugging and testing, releasing new features. We will need to Q/A check the application for stability at scale as well as finalize mobile friendly solutions for the interfaces. Testing will allow any additional feedback and extra side features that are mentioned to be patched into the project as valuable additions and refinements. This will also involve some set up for email relay & push chrome configurations for platform notifications.

                  $ 3,700 USD
                  Total Development Cost

                  $ 43,700 USD

                  Previous Builds & Resources

                  Our Portfolio Of Live Application Ecosystems Proves We're Ready To Build Your Next Project

                  Wallet Gamification: FERN Tech Stack

                  Ground Freight Financials: FERN Tech Stack

                  PayPal Cart System: FERN Tech Stack

                  Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

                  We Build Customized Solutions Inspired By Real World Problems...

                  Marc Haney

                  Chief Executive Officer


                  Marco & Justin have been here to ensure all our daily IT needs are satisfied and that our systems are automating tedious work flows. Among upgrading our 50 computer work stations, they’ve designed our app for booking freight across our 150 trucks & SMS alert notifications, price matrices and more.


                  Pondata & Kordspace set up my initial proof of concept systems for an air expedited freight forwarding business. Our TSA / KSMS compliance is baked into every order we schedule. Geofencing and multi-eSign dispatcher platform. Great work and amazing value!

                  Kevin Kersting

                  Former President

                  Research & Future Scale

                  Read Our Implementation Ideas & Field Research

                  MAKERDAO RESEARCH

                  Read up on all the documentation required to partner with MAKERDAO, and host your very own wallet & token economy off a DeFi contract that would peg the price of Ethereum to the USD.

                  HOSTING AN ERC 1155 DEX

                  Work out a relationship with a bank (BIN #) to host a wallet system / financial terminal in the browser for your businesses to validate proof of funds before offering services or goods at scale.

                  MakerDAO: Quick To Implement / Less Profitable

                  1. Partner with them, use there SDK & docs to make a solution on an already pegged stable coin backed by ETH.

                  2. Give MakerDAO $ And Create Token For Platform Built On A Defi Agreement With MakerDAO.

                  3. Setup proof of funds and wallet JS token systems on top of MakerDAO

                  4. Setup Virtue fees and rewards, incentivize abuse free platform reviews and authenticating Proof of Funds.

                  5. Converting out of MakerDAO may grant an easier solution for us based on a defi agreement.

                  Ethereum: Slow To Implement / Risky / Profitable

                  1. Download and assemble Solidity SDK.

                  2. Create Stable Coin Algorithms To Account For Cost Fluctuations (Pegged ETH to Silver / Gold)

                  3. Setup Proof of Funds & Hot Wallet Systems For Live Token Economy

                  4. Analyze Platform Traffic For Weighted Fees, More Detail Than MakerDAO, Tethered to Actual Money In The Bank / Silver, Gold In A Vault…

                  5. Create A Fund To Process Metal Conversion Into USD & Dispense Payment Pegged To More Stable Traditional Measures Of Value.

                  We may want to mine encryption using device computing potential – PWA through browser with Coin Hive API may allow us to transfer Monero to ETH wallet and reward users for sourcing solutions within the platform. Trading analytics terminals for material manufacturers to see network volume and insights without exposing private vendors / maintaining confidentiality.


                  We Try To Answer Questions You Might Have...

                  Project management will be led by Marco Lopes your Solutions Engineer and Lead Software Developer. (503) 939-5853 / marco@kordspace.com<?a>

                  A regular project alignment call schedule will be established and calendar invites will be provided with video conferencing links each week. We also allow our customers to partake in our internal project #SLACK channel, allowing you to provide consistent direction and feedback on the projects we develop together. We also use JIRA ‘Project Management Software’ and ‘Service Desk’ for bug ticket reporting.

                  Project resources are stored in a Repository folder inside Google Drive. We share these permissions with team members who access them to update project progress. Usually files are batched and updated as we approach each milestone monthly check in date, but requests for files can be made, directed to the project drive we start on day one. We also store the project source code data using private GitLab repositories, and Google Cloud Platform for billing information & infrastructure access.

                  Yes a stable version of your application will be pushed each week to a live web domain accessible by a desktop or mobile device. From there you can review and provide feedback in task list form or casually through the #SLACK as desired, or via our website online bug ticket reporting form connected to our JIRA ‘Service Desk’.

                  Payments for application development are broken up over the course of the project and are paid monthly through PayPal. Continuous support beyond project scope is available out our hourly rates after project completion. See our detailed pricing sheet here, password: kustomer
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